Special paper adds more expressiveness to its design with its unique texture, color, texture and bulk. It adds a sense of beauty to readers' reading and touch. It is widely used in bookbinding, advertising, industrial packaging, tourism products, and life. With various fields such as culture and art.

  The concept of special paper Special paper is a special function paper made by synthesizing synthetic pulp or mixed wood pulp and adding other materials. Special papers for different purposes, with different appearance texture, thickness and texture, various special purpose paper or art paper, collectively referred to as specialty paper. The classification of special papers includes printing paper, writing and copying paper packaging paper, household paper, technical paper, etc.; according to the variety, it can be divided into cotton paper, rice paper, asbestos paper, tar paper, sulfuric acid paper parchment paper, aluminum foil paper, etc. : According to its use, it can be divided into inkjet paper, filter paper, carbon paper, moisture-absorbing paper, wrapping paper, medical paper magnetic paperboard, pressure sensitive recording paper and so on.

  There are many types of special papers. In order to simplify the noun confusion caused by the variety of varieties, in the printing industry, art papers such as pattern paper are collectively referred to as specialty papers to distinguish them from ordinary printing papers. Different types of special papers, the performance of printing design has great differences. Users need to understand and master the characteristics and performance of different special papers, and use the processing technology that suits their performance to highlight their distinctive designs. A variety of different styles, such as simple and calm, gorgeous fashion, elegant, simple and nostalgic, can better display the theme of the design, adding aesthetics and added value of the printed products.

Time : 2019-09-04
What problems should be paid attention to in the design of special papers