A crepe tissue obtained by creping a tissue from a dryer using a creping doctor, receiving the creped web onto a transport fabric, and transporting the web on the transport fabric through a squeezing gap that presses the web to greatly reduce the thickness of the web and improve the softness of the web, and then transport the creped web after extrusion onto the fabric or subsequent fabric to On the reel.

  Usually, the base paper that is wet or not completely baked is scraped off with a spatula on the dryer, or the wrinkles are mechanically pressed out. There are many papers called crepe paper, such as the kind of texture that our teacher used to tie red flowers. The kind of colored paper that is a bit like toilet paper is also called crepe paper, and there are people. Handkerchiefs and paper vines are called crepe paper because they have wrinkles and are dried. Original ̈ 揉 ̈ ̈ ̈ refers to the natural pleated texture of the paper by hand, it is really hand-made paper, the texture is hand-made, the texture of the paper But the handkerchief paper that is often said now refers to a kind of wrapping paper that is very common on the market. It is the kind of colored, fine-grained square paper commonly used in flower shops. It is the texture of the machine-like hand-cranked texture. Cheap. Because it is rich in color and cheap, it is very suitable for packaging and origami. Some use him to make paper flowers, but the effect is far less than paper. The wrinkle wrapper is soft and has a good barrier against bacteria.

  Easy to use and safe. The cotton cloth is in the process of repeated use, the storage time is short, and the wrinkle paper needs to undergo recycling, rinsing, steaming, finishing, repeated sterilization, etc., so that the price of the cotton cloth is not low. Wrinkle paper eliminates many of the above links, and the cost per time is similar. Conventional cotton cloth is used as a sterilization packaging material. Although it can be repeatedly cleaned, ironed, etc., it is easy to cause the pores of the cloth to be sparse, and even small holes which are not easily noticeable to the naked eye, resulting in failure of the packaging to isolate bacteria. The ideal sterilization packaging material of the aseptic device needs to have an effective bacteriostatic effect, ensuring that the material is not contaminated by bacteria outside the package for a long time. At the same time, the packaging material is required to have good permeability to the bactericidal factor, and does not affect sterilization. The factor kills the bacterial microorganisms on the equipment inside the bag.

  Wrinkled paper forms a unique barrier due to the special porous arrangement, effectively isolating microorganisms such as bacteria, and thus can be stored for a long time without contamination. The material can be made of crepe paper or paper vine, but the effect made by paper vines is better. It can be made according to the diagram. At the same time, you can also use the same size paper to make beautiful carnations without using the flower. Lower cost of use than cotton - good bacterial barrier properties, bacterial filtration up to 99.9%, crepe paper aseptic storage period of up to three months, up to six months. - Maximum allowable steam and disinfectant to enter the bag. You can cut small tines directly with ordinary scissors. How to use the tape The tape itself is sticky, so you can stick it when you use it. Generally, it is gently pulled down when it is used.

  Wrinkle insulation paper, mainly used for transformer wrapping leads. Because crepe paper can form an oil-paper insulation combination with transformer oil. The dielectric constants of the two are relatively close. The electric field between them can be made more uniform and the lead is bent, and the colored crepe paper can be bent with the lead without breaking. Meet its mechanical requirements. The wrinkle paper for packaging is tough and flexible, and is used for packaging flexible products such as wool and wool products to prevent the paper from being broken due to the large stretchability of the package, and the wrinkled paper for the base paper is decorated with strong wrapping paper. Colored crumpled paper for holiday decoration and papermaking, using tissue paper as the base paper.

Time : 2019-09-04
Briefly describe the use range and storage time of wrinkle paper